Dear Mrs.Larue

REPORTER: So how do you feel about Ike running away? DOGS: We don’t like it Ike was fun. REPORTER: So do you want him to come back? DOGS: YES!!! REPORTER: Did Ike ever exaggerate in his letters to Mrs.Larue? DOGS: Um… nooo… at least we don’t think so… REPORTER: Would you like to explain that […]

Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone

My group had the dueling mandate of bison management-brucellosis disease and the mandate is, How do you manage Yellowstone bison? The concerns are keeping the wildlife in park boundaries. So, my group came to a conclusion, Inject all wild bison with the brucellosis vaccine. A few good reasons for our conclusion are, The bison may […]

Emma Watson

Emma Watson was born on April 15, 1990 in Paris France. She is 28 years old. She was in the middle growing up. I admire that she is a leader and her friends would say so too. She is well known because she is a famous actor. She likes to act and model. Other Harry […]

Silas Deane

He served as a delegate in the Continental Congress carried instructions for two Committees of Congress helped the poorly supplied americans shipped them supplies Silas Deane sent eight ships sent french officers to Washington one committee authorized him to sell goods he was actively involved in creating a continental navy   Wikimedia Commons

Women in the Revolution

Deborah Samson got the idea to become a soldier and joined the war. She disguised herself as a man. She was injured in the war and was taken to the doctor.  She was worried they were gonna find out her secret. She had to cut her leg and stitch it up so they couldn’t find […]


For MLK service I decided to help my mom around the house. I cleaned my room and emptied out the dishwasher. At the end of the day I made my mom ice cream. I helped take out the trash and helped with my brother. Then when I got to cheer practice I helped my coach […]

Midnight Ride

Mission was to warn everyone the regulars are coming                                                                                              […]

Colonial Apothecary

October 13, 1725 Another day as an apothecary. One person bought spearmint for a stomach ache. Two came in with digestion problems so, I had to give them garlic. Then, about 3 came in with needing a treatment for the flu I’m running low on Horehound Tea so, I need to make some more. I […]