Colonial Apothecary

October 13, 1725 Another day as an apothecary. One person bought spearmint for a stomach ache. Two came in with digestion problems so, I had to give them garlic. Then, about 3 came in with needing a treatment for the flu I’m running low on Horehound Tea so, I need to make some more. I […]

Colonial Leaders

Who is Peter Minuit? took over Willem Verhulst when appointed leader purchased Manhattan from indians made a large settlement in Manhattan made peace with the Red Indians he was temporarily suspended from his post he did not conquer land by force but bought it went on a trading mission and died by storm was the […]

Roll -A- Story

On the night of a full moon Megan was taking a walk and suddenly a mummy came and took her hostage. Kara came running to tell us , but Mykey didn’t believe her. We went to investigate, but no one was there! The mummy must have moved her. We call Megan’s cellphone. She doesn’t answer. […]


I sat with Megan,Mykey,Kara,and Brian.  Mykey played on Megan’s phone a lot.  At half time Mykey had to go sit with her mom. So Megan went to go sit with her so me and Kara got on Kara’s phone and started singing the bacon song to Brian. And he thought it was so annoying so […]

Pumpkin Patch

The big red house stood looking at the pumpkin patch.In the pumpkin patch the round orange pumpkins sat in the grass.The grass looked fresh and clean.Some of the pumpkins were short and fat. But some of them were tall and skinny.

Life In Fifth Grade

I’m enjoying fifth grade so far. I like that we have more freedom.  I like having five different teachers I think the day goes by faster.  I don’t like that we have shorter recess. We also don’t have fun friday anymore. We have already earned one extra recess. Which was fun. I think that we […]